When people are choosing a kitchen they often over look the quality of the products, you can get carried away with the colour, design or even the style but the durability of the units is the key foundation of your new kitchen.

As you would expect from a name associated with superior design and craftsmanship. Sheraton kitchens are built to last, Thats why every kitchen cabinet comes with a 10 year guarantee.


Its all in the planning

Planning a kitchen that is perfect for your family needs takes time, so don’t rush the planning stage.

Sit down and talk to one of our experts who can advise you on different design options.

Sometimes two minds are better than one.


Decide on your kitchen doors 

A kitchen is defined by the cabinet doors. Depending on design you can create your kitchen to be elegant, traditional, modern minimalist or luxurious.

Our range has a vast amount of styles and colours from gloss, wood, timber or painted the choice is yours, you can even choose to go handless.


Lets talk about storage options

By using your space more efficiently, you will be surprised just how much storage you can create.

Sheraton offer all kinds of storage solutions such as larder pull out units, wire racking and the all famous lemans pull out shelfs.


Now onto worktops 

Choosing a worktop is an important part of your designing and can change the whole look of your new kitchen, so this has to be right Thats why we offer a range of durable laminate worktops as well as solid surface worktops We offer a large selection of colours and different options.